Four Seasons Alexandria, the glamorous destination in Egypt


The azure blue Mediterranean Sea in front of the magnificent 29 storey building of Four Seasons Alexandria, situated at San Stefano, outlines this outstanding landmark on Alexandria beach. This glorious Egyptian styled building allows guests to explore another part of this historic region. Every room is attached with a well furnished patio to offer a panoramic beauty of the legendary blue water body surrounding the hotel and the beautiful cityscape which becomes more attractive during the night. Guests can relax in these balconies and enjoy the cool sea breeze. All the 118 lavish and highly decorated rooms reflect a chic and classic Egyptian style and mood. There are 31 elegant suites which set their bedrooms facing the sea so guests can enjoy their leisure time in privacy as the sea waves roll and break into white flecks on the beach. The Presidential Suite is the only destination in this enclave where lifestyle is unimaginable unless and until a guest experience its outstanding service and facilities.


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