Floating Eco-Tours, One Day: World Skycat Ltd., Oxford, England

Imagine floating over untouched rainforests, or fragile tropical reefs where nobody could visit without irreparably harming the delicate eco-system. For sightseeing this close, a regular floating blimp would never cut it. You need to be on a Skycat, from World Skycat Ltd., the most revolutionary air-transportation vehicle since the jumbo jet–when it gets off the ground, that is.

Eco-friendly tourism is just one possible use for the Skycat if it reaches production. It resolves the drawbacks of the traditional airship with its design for easy landing and hovering without needing a large field or even tethers to keep it in place. It essentially will be able to hover and float anywhere, on a minimum of fuel with up to a 220 ton payload. This kind of flexibility makes it useful also for things like emergency relief, border patrol, mass transport, or simply floating smoothly across the clear-blue surface of a forgotten bay somewhere in the Carribbean.

According to the World Skycat website, there was supposed to be a world tour this year, but there is no timetable for mass production. With the cost of fuel driving up airline fares in the United States, now seems like a good time to get one of these floating dreams to market.


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  1. e’ da qualche anno che seguo l’evoluzione di questi dirigibili e penso che siano una ottima cosa per il futuro.sono gia’ in commercio?

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