Flavor of France in Chicago at Les Nomades


Awesome taste from France sways through the Atlantic Ocean to reach the kitchen of Chef Chris Nugent at Les Nomades which is one of the finest French restaurants in Chicago and one of the top-class eating houses in the United States. He has been performing his culinary experiments in this kitchen since the past seven years to serve the best French cuisine on the dining tables of his patrons to satisfy the taste buds of every diner. He offers a dozen items to diners for an amount of $140 but if anybody plans to spend less, his kitchen provides that too. The entire dining hall is decorated with floral bouquets and exquisite paintings. Fresh ingredients are used to prepare the awesome dishes. Lobsters and salmon roasted with vegetables, spiced with herbs and served with different sauces are some of the delicious and most preferred items available daily. Along with these delicious dishes, wines are also offered from a range of $9 to $5,000.

Via chicago.cbslocal.com

Posted by Rosilen Campbell on March 01, 2012 in Food

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