Fairway Homes is a fairyland destination in Millbrook Resort Hotel


In the midst of the magnificent natural vistas in South Island of New Zealand, the Millbrook Resort Hotel nestles in the region, surrounded by beautiful Sothern Alps and the extended lush greenery carpeting the earth’s surface with the crisscross of the cool and clear meandering streams across the region. The tranquil atmosphere of the surrounding and the perfect blend of the beauty and luxury of the hotel offer guests a peaceful stay in a splendid harmony of modern lifestyle with historic feeling. The entire heavenly retreat is designed in a New Zealand lifestyle. There are some 170 havens in the hotel to accommodate their guests in total luxury and comfort. Guests who want to experience the ultimate wave of comfort in this paradise get the option of exclusive three or four bedroom Fairway Homes    which are beautified with unique artifacts and architecture, and are facilitated with all the modern facilities you can dream of.

Via www.millbrook.co.nz

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on November 11, 2011 in Travel

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