Explore the pearl of Caribbean Sea from Hotel Guanahani & Spa


The legendary Caribbean Sea cocoons the pearl of luxury in its heart where the beauty of the isolated peninsula of St. Barth is enhanced by the island’s most gorgeous retreat, Hotel Guanahani & Spa. The grove of coconut trees, embellished with the brightly colored hibiscus and bougainvilleas, surrounds the hotel area to give an unspoiled natural effect to the hotel atmosphere. The lush greenery stretches between the ocean and the lagoon, which is obviously a visual feast to guests who are enjoying their intimacy in this secluded place along the coastline of the sea. The pastel colored cottage shaped villas are scattered all over the 16 acre private beach to offer total privacy to the guests. The charm and comfort in each of the villa is enough to carry away the guests in a state of tranquility. All the accommodations are on an oceanfront setting with awesome French Creole decoration throughout the villas with marble bathrooms.

Via www.leguanahani.com

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