Expensive Pets: Make Him a Part of Your Life


To own the most expensive things on earth and yet not have enough need for them is a crazy idea. We just see someone own something rare and precious and we want to have it, even if we do not need it. For a change, why not try to bring home something or someone special and yet spend to your heart’s content. A little cuddly white lion cub is currently a very rare breed and a priced possession among the animal lovers.

Priced at $138,000 a white lion cub originally belongs to South Africa, where the locals consider it to be divine. This species of lion is very rare as it is the product of a ‘recessive gene’. Hence it should not be confused with a sub species of lions. Unfortunately, due to excessive hunting down of this species of lion they have to be bred in combination with other species of lions under special conditions. Just bring one such angel in your home and love his presence in your life.

Via: xpensivethings.blogspot.com

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