Enjoy Your Stay at Mardan Palace


Mardan Palace in Antalya is regarded as one of the most expensive hotels of Europe. Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov is the proud owner of this spectacular hotel. It is situated along the Mediterranean Sea in transcontinental state of Turkey lending it an amazing appeal that will interest many guests across the world. This more than £1billion (over US $1.6 billion) hotel was inaugurated with a bash as Tom Jones opened for Carey, Paris Hilton made an obligatory appearance and one prominent actress stumbled over the name of neighboring country Azerbaijan.

You will find a spa with real snow in one of its rooms, stunning gold-plated mirrors on the floors of the bathrooms, 23,000 square meters of spectacular Italian marble, remote controlled toilets and the centerpiece—a pool and sunken aquarium that must be crossed by gondola. All of these adds to the grandeur of the place. Suites at this most plush hotel can cost over $18,000 per night.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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