Enjoy the pristine beauty of the arctic region in one of the costliest cruise line of the world – Yamal

Do you know that a 16-day long arctic cruise can cost you up to about $500,000 as the price of the cruise is $3,124/day. It is meant especially for those lucky few who can afford such huge expenses. Nuclear Icebreaker Yamal will offer you one of the costliest cruise lines of the world.

A Bridge Deck Suite will cost you a whopping $49,990. The cruise has two helicopters and a Zodiac landing craft. You can easily avail the services of these machines as all the prices are included in the amount you have paid. There is sauna, heated swimming pool, volleyball court and a library that you can use while you are on board. You can have that rare chance to experience the volcanic mountains and glaciers while the cruise passes the Murmansk and Russia. You can enjoy the pristine beauty of frozen nature while traveling on a luxury cruise.

Enjoy the memorable expedition of your life while travelling in one of the most expensive and luxury cruises of your life.

Via: Cruisesfun.com

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