Enjoy The Local Pleasure In Bluestone Resort


Discovery a great escape, something to go well with a whole family or a group of friends, can be a delicate challenge sometimes but Bluestone, snuggled in the middle of Pembrokeshire National Park seeks to be just that – the perfect short break for everyone.
Bluestone is a contemporary and yet very natural take on the holiday village concept of old. Built in two secluded valleys, neighboring a picturesque lake, are around 180 individual self-catering timber lodges.

With a very decent feel to it – all the meat is locally produced. They burn locally produced wood to heat the pool and the energy proficient lighting is complemented by solar panels on all the south facing roofs – Bluestone really is the current and natural choice for a family getaway or a passionate weekend break in the heart of the Welsh countryside.

In the heart of the park, amid the lodges, is ‘the village’. A customary enough looking collection of one of each of the indispensable establishments; an information center with a remarkable additional features, a few middle-of-the-road family restaurants, a ‘pub’, a fine dining restaurant and some shops; a boutique, a gift shop with the omnipresent seaside basket of hoops and beach balls outside, a bakery and the village store.
A full Welsh breakfast will bring water in any mouth. Bluestone has made a praiseworthy endeavor to source locally and it really shows. You will some scrumptious cooking here in this place.

Via: lussorian.com

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