Enjoy Fine Dining and Taste Great French Dishes at Le Chateaubriand


Le Chateaubriand offers the finest bistro cuisine. Young and dynamic chef Inaki Aizpitarte opened this restaurant to cater to his clients with his approach to present quality and tasty food. At lunch, you will find simple, home-style French dishes, but at dinner, their culinary art gets far more modern and deconstructed, and the vintage dining room gets filled with an artsy, black-dressed crowd. He is a self taught Basque cook who blends the two very different ingredients to bring out some of the great tastes like oysters and lime zest in chicken stock. It is a hugely popular restaurant so reservation is essential.

You will get modern French cuisine like 5 course prix fixe dinner at 33€-39€. It is a place of innovation so today instead of the traditional coq au vin or steak with frites, you will get to see the rare tuna slices in pink beet foam flavored with pomegranate seeds or steamed cod with Moroccan spices.

Via: Fodors.com

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