Enjoy a Family Vacation on one of the Most Expensive Luxury Yachts of the world


Want to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature in a charter yacht holiday? Then check this expedition yacht, the Absinthe. Alaska Unusual, a Washington-based company, owns this luxury yacht. This cruise will change your definition of nature watching.

This super yacht can accommodate 12 passengers. It will be perfect for a family vacation. It has its own 20-member crew that also includes chef and therapist. To have a closer look at the orcas and Dall’s porpoises or humpbacks, you can take the ride of the 30-foot long fishing boat that trails with it. This yacht passes through the home of these sea animals, the Frederick Sound. You can also take a helicopter ride of that area as the yacht has its own helicopter.

The massage and wellness center along with the master stateroom are the newest additions to that. It is a seven nightlong cruise and it will cost you around $335,000 for a week during the peak season.

Via: Cruisesfun.com

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