Elliott Bay Café Gets a Warm Décor

The café of the Elliott Bay Book Co has received a complete transformation. Now who is behind the warm change? It is Tamara Murphy, a veteran chef. The butter colored walls now looks sunnier and better than before. The new menu is successful in complementing the lovely décor. Now you have a warm place to dig into breakfast-style meals and enjoy delicious salads, sandwiches, and soups.

The woman behind the charming new décor is always behind the improvements made in the delicacies. The flavors are bolder, the seasonings are innovative, and the ingredients are brought from the best sources. Thus, every dish boasts of farm fresh ingredients.

What are the specialties of this café? If you want to taste some yummy fare, you have options such as Moroccan steak sandwich, smoked trout with creamy scrambled eggs, morel mushroom potpie, pork Cuban sandwich, and more. If you are fond of baked goodies then don’t forget to taste the peanut brittle brownie. You will love it for sure. Click here find out more about the café.

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