Elephant Blanc Sale: Maison Souvannphoum, Luang Prabang, Laos


Make no mistake; the tourism makeup of Luang Prabang is changing. From its new modernalized airport, to five-star hotels that rival rooms in London, New York, Paris, and luxurious restaurants serving international cuisines, the dubbed jewel of Southeast Asia –– once a haven of $3 guesthouses, rough surface transit, and street food vendors –– has experienced an upscale swing and emerged as one of the world’s hottest destinations.

And, one of the new hotels, ushering in this new wave is the Maison Souvannphoum. Once the former residence of Prince Souvannphouma, the hotel offers guests intimate and private accommodations in an exotic setting. Sleep in the former bedroom of the prince, take a swim at the pool, enjoy a relaxing massage at the Angsana Spa or dine at the hotel restaurant, Elephant Blanc, specializing Laotian, French and Indochinese cuisines.

Celebrating its 1st anniversary last February, the former palace’s unique character resides in details: a personalized greeting letter, rattan holder for the breakfast menu, locally handmade textiles, and black and white photography. Rates from $200-$250 for double room in the Garden Wing and $300-$400 for a La Residence suite. Book in advance, as the palace fills up quickly, especially during high season (Oct-Apr).

More info: www.coloursofangsana.com.

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