Electric Guitar Auctioned Off at Millions To Help Asia Program


“Blackie,” Eric Clapton’s favorite mid-career modified Strat was previously the most expensive guitar that dethroned by the latest most expensive electric guitar in the world. At an auction in Doha, Qatar, a guitar that was signed by several rock musicians to benefit a tsunami charity, ‘Reach out to Asia’ was sold. A year ago, the royal family of Qatar was purchased this guitar spending millions of dollars. They donated back this expensive guitar to help the Asia program.

The auction brought in almost $2.7 million USD at this recent auction. Technically, the guitar has generated a total of $3.7 million USD, making it the most expensive guitar yet. Former president of America Mr. Bill Clinton attended this famous auction for the tsunami victims.

The famous signees of this expensive electric guitar included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Ray Davis, Liam Gallagher, Ronnie Wood, Angus & Malcolm Young, Paul McCartney, Sting, Ritchie Blackmore and Bryan Adams, the coordinator of the project and many more.

Via: Most-expensive.com

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