DVR + PC = Sling Media’s Slingbox

Hi, I’m Gil and I’m a Tivoaholic. Yes, I’m addicted to my Tivo and love how it lets me time-shift the movies and TV programs I like so I can watch them when I want to.

The Slingbox is a new device that will top many viewers’ holiday wish list… especially if you travel a bunch and can’t live without your programs. It’s a TV digital recording device (DVR) that lets you time-shift and place-shift what you watch — to your computer!

Just connect the cable or satellite input to the Slingbox, then connect Slingbox to your home network router, install the easy-to-use software on a laptop, and bingo, you’re in business to watch your programs with great picture quality anywhere your laptop can get a broadband connection.

No monthly fees like TiVo.
Slingbox costs $249.99.
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