Do You Know The Puffin Man?: Hot Stopovers in Iceland

Iceland Air now flies nonstop from SFO to Reykjavik four times a week through August 31, then twice weekly through October 15. It also offers very competitive fares to Europe with no additional charge for stopovers to the land of puffins, geysers, and the Blue Lagoon — for up to a week.

Reykjavik, AKA the “capital of cool,” “the Barcelona of the north” and/or “the hippest city on the planet” is attracting hordes of college-aged Americans who want to party all night at the ultra trendy club scene. But it’s way expensive, with bottles of Viking Lager going for $15 US.

That’s why many choose to view 60% of the world’s puffin population during the summer breeding season. Or take a daylong Golden Circle tour of Iceland’s geothermal geysers which supply the majority of the island’s electricity and home heating. In particular, don’t miss the man-made, 100 degree F. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, a hot-spring lake, near the lava fields, with its mineral salts, algae and silica.

There are also 3-hour Elding Whale Watching trips to view Humpback, Minke, Orca, Fin, Blue and Sperm Whales a few times a day at Akurey island. It’s also where the puffins play.

More info: Iceland Air for flights from London, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, New York/JFK, Orlando and San Francisco to Reykjavik; Blue Lagoon; or Elding Whale Watching. Or call USA: +1 800 223 5500; Iceland: +354 50 50 100; London: +44 (0) 207 874 1000

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