Discover luxury at its best Constantine Villa at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas


Caesar’s Palace spent as much as $15 million to create this masterpiece! So you can probably make out what a beauty it is! This masterpiece, called the Constantine Villa, is styled in a Greek fashion. It spans an area of over 9930 square feet including a private outdoor terrace of 1380 square feet featuring a fire pit, a spa tub, a dining and seating area with gas lantern, concierge and private butler services. Hand painted columns of Doric architecture and marble embroidery add to the appeal of Constantine Villa subtly. In the living room, a grand piano and marble fireplace rest. Accessories and furnishings have been used in a rare combination. On entering the master bedroom, you would be delighted to see eight foot bed resting underneath a gold plated chandelier. The walls are wrapped in silk and studded with nail heads. The oversized master bathroom is fitted with beige and green marble and has gold plated fittings, a steam shower, remote controlled toilet, hot towel racks and a flat screen TV. A private elevator, designer media room and a bar as large as a big restaurant are some of the suite’s salient features.


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