Alberto Ciarla – Exotic Mediterranean Seafood

If you want to enjoy authentic Mediterranean seafood delicacies, then visit Alberto Ciarla. It is one of the best and expensive restaurants of Italy as well as the world. A dinner for a person can cost you around $113. It is a specialty restaurant that needs prior reservation to avoid any kind of hassle.

The restaurant is located in an ancient building of 1890 at an obscure corner of Trastevere Square in Rome. The interior offer a vintage charm and serve you with delicious seafood that is modified to make it presentable to the modern clients. At the entrance, you will be cordially welcomed. There is a lavish display of seafood on ice. The speciality cuisines include a few authentic recipes subtly enhanced by Signor Ciarla (like the pasta and bean soup with seafood). Original dishes incorporate gilthead bream in orange sauce, savory spaghetti with clams, and a full array of mouth-watering shellfish. The sea bass filet is prepared in at least three ways, including an award-winning version with almonds.


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