Dining in Aragawa: An Experience of a Lifetime


Tokyo boasts of one of its most favored steak houses Aragawa, located in Shinbashi district. Aragawa is rated as one of the most expensive restaurants with dinner for one priced to $368 almost. The worth of Aragawa is judged strongly because of the culinary delights served.

The Kobe beef served is in fact the aspect, which has made Aragawa the restaurant in demand. If you have the money and know how to spend it then Aragawa is the place for you.

The juicy and tender Kobe Beef in Aragawa is simply a treat for those who want to try out something new in terms of sumptuous delicacies.

If you crave for some gastronomic pleasure then Aragawa has the premium and super premium beef for you. The thought of having a 12 or 16 ounce Kobe Beef item is simply mouth watering. Your trip to Tokyo remains incomplete without a dining session in Aragawa.

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