Diamond-Encrusted Custom Nikes – Make your Feet Dazzling with this Pair

Have you ever imagined about diamonds in your shoes? Yes! You have heard it right! What about a diamond encrusted sports shoe? Nike customized a shoe to make it a reality for millions.

This pair of sports shoe is encrusted with 11 carats diamonds along the edge of the shoe. The colors of the diamonds are unusual chocolates. This is a limited edition custom-made pair of shoe. These Custom Nike shoes will certainly make you the cynosure among people. If you love shoes and innovative accessories then this will be perfect for you. These dazzling pieces of Nike creations will cost you $50,000 a pair. Diamond-Encrusted Custom Nikes will show off your sophistication and style.  It will be the perfect piece that caters to the glitz and glam of modern world. The fancy colored diamonds are keeping in mind the demand of today’s youth. It can also add that special touch to your otherwise boring sports outfit.

Via: Newluxuryitems.com

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  1. People are starving all over the world, and yet instead of helping, some one will decide to spend $50,00o on a pair of shoes they will most likely wear once. To each their own.

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