Diamond Bikini by designer duo Susan Rosen and Steinmetz

Have ever thought that a bikini can have a price tag of $30 million. The diamond bikini designed by designer duo Susan Rosen and Steinmetz. Over 150 carats of D-Flawless diamonds are used to create this exclusive piece of bikini. This regarded as the most expensive piece of bikini till date. This outrageously skimpy piece is certainly made for those who have a special cause to bare all and cause a stir.

The bikini comprised of two 15-carat D-Flawless round diamonds, two eight-carat D-Flawless pear-shaped diamonds, one 30-carat D-Flawless emerald-cut diamond and one 51-carat D-Flawless pear-shaped diamond and all of these diamonds are set in platinum. It is not only the priciest bikini in the world, but also it is rumored to be the costliest piece of clothing ever created. Women love to buy and wear diamonds. It is certainly that exclusive piece that men might fantasize their women in but certainly not meant for all. People cannot ever afford this million-dollar piece.

Via: Lawcrossing.com

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    I want this! So Glamourous and perfect for MIA

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