Dazzle a Party with Fancy Diamond Necklace by William Goldberg

If you are fancying about a beautiful diamond necklace that will just be perfect for an evening celebration then check out a fancy diamond necklace designed by the New York Jewelry Designer William Goldberg. It is just perfect for every occasion to make you look stunning.

It is just an extravagant piece designed with different colors of diamonds to lend it a gorgeous and opulent look. The arrays of diamonds are set in 18-carat yellow gold and platinum base. The total weight of all the diamonds and the entire piece together is almost 45 carats. This elegant and sophisticated piece of jewelry will cost you around $2 million. The multi colored diamond lend it the awesome look. You can wear it with any color and style of apparel. Be it a gown or a dress of different colors. This awesome piece by William Goldberg is every woman’s desire. However, the staggering price tag of the piece indicates that it is meant for the privileged few.

Via: Topten.whatitcosts.com

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