Crispy Green makes the perfect travel companion!

This was one of my favorite new food products at this years International Fancy Food & Confection Show, held annually in both New York and San Francisco.

And I found the perfect place to bring my stash. With airlines cutting back on every creature comfort, and charging exorbitant prices for snack boxes filled with the most unhealthy mishmash of high calorie, fat and sodium foods, it’s no wonder you feel like crap at the end of a flight.

My strategy is to pack my own box of yummy treats and C.G. not only makes it easy to get in my Five-a-day, AND has only 40 calories a serving. Loaded with fresh flavor, and with a texture reminiscent of that astronaut ice-cream, Crispy Fruit snacks contain 100% high-quality, pure freeze-dried fruit with no bad stuff added. Comes in four delicious flavors: Crispy Apples, Crispy Apricots, Crispy Peaches (swear it tastes like peach cobbler) and my new fav, Crispy Pineapples.



By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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