The Best City Blogs on Earth: Gothamist

Most cities have a whole batch of blogs these days, chock full of cultural events, club listings, museum openings, restaurants, live theatre, and the like. We tip our hats to Gothamist, LLC as the most popular network of city blogs on the Net. It now has a most impressive 15 global sites with “ist” suffixes that get an aggregate of five millions visitor sessons per month!

It started in NYC in late 2002 and now has grown to 14 cities in the US, Europe and Asia. Its freshest launch is Each site in unique and covers breaking news, arts, food, pets,

Other cities include:
• Austin
• Boston
• Chicago
• London
• Los Angeles
• New York City
• Paris
• Philadelphia
• San Francisco
• Shanghai
• Seattle
• Toronto
• Washington DC

Check it out:

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