Chill Out at Spain’s Sunset Boulevard

Café del Mar, the birthplace of chill music celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Located in San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain, it is known as the best place in the world to watch the sunset. The combination of the perfect sunset in view of the Island of Conejera and the ambient music, a blend of classical music, blues and jazz, makes an evening at the CDM an unforgettable experience. The concept of Ramón Guiral, Carlos Andrea and José Les, it was built in 1980 and designed by renowned Catalan architect Luis Guell who became famous for his design of spaces for leisure. It took Guell just under 2 weeks to come up with a design that still looks cool 25 years later.

The music of the sunsets became in such demand that in 1995 the first CDM CD was released. There are now over 12 volumes including a 25th special anniversary edition. And the CDM is a record company in its own right signing on and coming new artists. These albums can be purchased on the CDM Website, Amazon, or even your local record store.

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