Champagnes from Armand de Brignac

How would you feel if you could sample Prestige Cuvees from Armand de Brignac. Of course you would be more than overjoyed! Now what is the price for a single bottle of this silky drink? Well one bottle comes for $300 and you can avail these drinks in three main variants. They are the Brut Gold, Champagne Blanc de Blanc, and Champagne Rose. The bottles of these decadent champagnes also include pewter labels, and you can avail them in captivating black cases. From these champagnes you can also choose excellent gifts for your beloved. Thus, The Brut Gold would be perfect for your man, and then there is the Rose for your beloved lady.

If it the occasion of your wedding anniversary then there cannot be a better gift than this. When the two of you share the drink then you will feel together like never before. Don’t forget of appetizers like tart apples, sweet pears, and strawberries.


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  1. This bottle really deserves to be announced as the largest in the world. Armand de Brignac, luxury Champagne from the award-winning Champagne Cattier chateau of Chigny-les-Roses, France had the pleasure to create The Midas.

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