Celebrate a Grand Anniversary the 1959 way with Marchesi di Barolo


Ever wondered why the grand parties of the ancient eras used to be such a toast, then the answer lies in the fact that the rich taste of Marchesi di Barolo used to create a heavenly impact. This 1959 vintage offers a crunchy aroma of crushed berries and roses. Presently the parties of the modern age gain a more sophisticated and classy ambience and all thanks to Marchesi di Barolo.

The final touch in this exclusive 1959 vintage is done with a tinge of tannin. This magical touch of tannin will help to last the vintage wine for a longer time to come. This Italian vintage wine from the exclusive Marchesi estate is a real treat in the parties and especially in the family gatherings where people love to enjoy with light music and smooth drink. Pay approx $244.403 and you can be the proud owner of Marchesi di Barolo.

Via: Vintage Wine and Port

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