Capri Palace Hotel & Spa: The Exotic Fortress


The Capri Palace was established at the base of Mount Solaro, with its superlative and breathtaking views over the Gulf of Naples and Ischia Island. Located in Anacapri, the highest and most panoramic part of the island, with magnificent views of the sea and islands of the Gulf of Naples close to the historical center gives this place an added honor. The stone floors, vaulted ceilings, columns and every other element is a souvenir of the glorious past that seems to come back in all its grandeur. The warm chants of the fabrics, the travertine baths, and the luxurious white and gold décor give each room an inconspicuous elegance that merges with the feeling of a delightfully warm welcome.

The two-star Michelin L’Olivo restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine translated with great originality by Chef Oliver Glowig. The wine-cellar of the Capri Palace is an historic tavern where formerly the populace of Anacapri used to get together. The similar mood is offered during wine tasting and aperitif for customers.

The fabulous motorboat of 15 meters and a lavish sailing boat of 20 meters are few of the exotic attractions that are for private transfers and excursions of the guests. To add a little more to it, this place also has munificently equipped spa that is conducted by a doctor and specialist in food and science, immunology and aesthetic medicine.


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