A Feast For The Senses: Enfrente Arte Hotel, Ronda, Andalucia

And now for something completely different… yet another arty, but artistically unique hotel. The Enfrente Arte Hotel in Ronda, Andalucia, Spain is owned and run by Filip Eyckmans, a Belgian music entrepreneur. The hotel features a little of everything. Like a dark orange and terracotta reception and bar area reminiscent of an Alpine lodge; a sub-tropical aquarium; a bright green walled games room with an open fire; and more. Even more distinct are the 12 bedrooms, which are entered through creatively carved wooden doors.

Once inside, you’ll find traditional Andalucian beds, but next to them are these huge plastic hand chairs with modern art hanging over the bathroom sink. Cool Hunting recommends upgrading to an ‘A deluxe’ type room. For 100 euros per night, you can enjoy the privacy and kitschiness of a 13th century ‘tower room’ in the garden or a bi-level suite.

And don’t forget to bring your appetite as resident chef Encarni González prepares homemade Spanish dishes like a delectable-sounding tortilla and grilled king prawn salad. Plus, you can find hidden corners, colortul art, lush plants, and a blue tiles pool around the multi-level garden –– all with great views of the Guadalevin River valley.

Hotel Enfrente Arte: Ronda Andalucia, Spain. 29400.
Tel: + 34 952 87 90 88.
Web: www.enfrentearte.com

From [The Cool Hunter].

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