Bruno Jamais and His Posh Restaurant in Manhattan

Bruno Jamais was associated with the restaurant business from the age of 15 years, when he helped in his father’s restaurant. Later he moved to various establishments in Paris. His mentor is the culinary expert Daniel Boulud, who taught him the ropes of the trade. Today the 47-year-old restaurateur owns a sociable dining room, which is housed in a charming 4,500 sq. ft townhouse, located on East 81st Street. Earlier the building was known as Parioli Romanissimo.

The restaurant boasts of a stylish décor, live bands, and DJ music. However Bruno Jamais Restaurant and Club does not concern itself only with awesome food and wine. It is something larger than a classy restaurant. You can feel beat of Manhattan nightlife and dining in here. At the restaurant Bruno Jamais’ signature dishes include chocolate souffle, moonfish entree, and lobster brulee. He does not believe in overdoing things but sticks to ‘simple elegance’.


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