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Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro logoOne of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, and one of my favorite overall when I lived in mid-town Manhattan was Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro on 32nd Street between Park and Madison avenues.

The vibrant restaurant and its accompanying cheese shop turned me on to a variety of products from around the world, taught me about cheese and wine pairings, and always turned the end of a ragged work day into pleasure with a seat at the bar, wine/cheese sampling plates and conversation with the knowledgeable, friendly staff.

I miss the place terribly, but those still living in New York or just visiting can now enjoy Artisanal’s pleasures in the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms, and have it all delivered in style.

Delivery is the lifeblood of New York’s food industry, but Artisanal takes it to another level by offering cheese delivery by rickshaw around midtown Manhattan. Hosting an impromptu party? Want something special for an office meeting or just trying to sate an urge for extraordinary cheese as soon as you arrive in town? Give Artisanal a call or a click to get same-day delivery from 34th to 63rd streets, river to river.

The rickshaw isn’t just a cute marketing tool. It offers a quick and environmentally-friendly delivery service that cuts down on traffic congestion and relies on pedal power. For details about the service or to place an order, go to or call toll-free, 877-797-1200.

I don’t think the rickshaw will make it out to Colorado, but I can still get my fix of exquisite stiltons, unusual cheddars, my favorite sheep’s milk cheeses and more by ordering through the web site and relying on the standard long-distance delivery methods.

Posted by Janet Day on April 22, 2008 in Food

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