Blurring the Lines Between Art and Life

Room 510 designed by Birgit Amadori At hotel fox, 21 young designers were given carte blanche to show off their talent in the makeover of a former hostel. The result is a fabulous concept hotel in the Danish capital.

The hotel has 61 rooms, all with expressive and very different interiors that provide sensory inspiration, spaces that seek to challenge at the same time as soothe.

experience VS. Stay.
As a guest at Hotel Fox no one wishes you a pleasant stay; instead you are wished a pleasant experience. And this experience starts the minute you step into the fantastically decorated foyer and go to the reception to check in. The rooms are unnumbered so guests are presented with a range of do not disturb signs reflecting the design of the individual rooms. Guests select the sign that appeals most and have thereby chosen their room.

Beyond classification
Hotel Fox has chosen not to be part of the official hotel classification system. Though newly renovated hotel with highly designed furnishings, service and amenities, the hotel cannot be allocated stars if it cannot guarantee, for example, that there is a desk in each bedroom. And if the designer has decided that the entire room should consist of an enormous bed then there is no desk. However, flat screen TV and free internet connection have made their way into all the rooms.

The hotel makeover has been a godsend for the neighborhood, the Jarmers Plads. The area has been thronged with tourists since the doors opened, and guests who’ve been lucky enough to get reservations can’t stop talking about its transformation from run-of-the-mill hostel to an art gallery where you can live with the art.

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  1. hello sweety!
    I was doing a search and found your link.

    I stayed at Hotel Fox in July and August again and it was stunning!
    I had the swiss chalet room on the top floor complete
    with barking mad swiss alps, goats, milk urns, swiss clocks, deer heads, green grass and gingham. Fab.

    The bar is stunning, and the staff chilled.
    There’s a divine buffet breakfast of danish pastrys, pancakes, and finger sandwiches all served in crisp white paper wraps, to take up to the roof terrace, danish weather permitting.
    Maybe the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in.
    Diana xxx

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