Beaujolais and (way) Beyond:: San Francisco

It’s that time again–the leaves have as many colors as Joseph’s coat, daylight saving time has us madly scrounging around our drawers for the instructions on how to set back our clocks, the stores are filled with pricey winter boots and:

#1. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to sip the First French Wine of the Year at the 27th annual La Soiree, hosted by the French American Chamber of Commerce and commencing on November 22, 2008, 5:30 to 9:30pm.

The evening includes fine French wines, a slew of delish French food (sausages, cheeses, french bread and pastries and of course, lots of superb fois gras,) a fashion show featuring the lastest styles straight from the European runways, and a silent auction that I’m saving my Euro’s for. Got my eye on the First-class Eurail pass so I can check out all-things-french for myself.

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