Beach lifestyle in the midst of the Coral Sea awaits you at the Hayman Island Resort


Bordered by the pristine vistas of The Great Barrier Reef and the white sandy beaches of the north eastern coastal area of Queensland, the Hayman Island remains aloof from the world so it can accommodate its guests in a tranquil atmosphere at its magnificent haven, the Hayman Island Resort, situated in the south western portion of this beautiful island. The beachfront island retreat is surrounded by wonderful corals and the doorsteps of this resort are washed away by the waves of the turquoise blue Coral Sea. The elegant resort houses 210 superbly appointed Beach Villas, Penthouses, suites, guestrooms and a most exclusive Beach House. All these accommodations feature private terraces so that guests can enjoy the unobstructed beautiful view of the endless sea that surrounds the entire island. The Beach House is located in a secluded position where the guests can enjoy the serene ambience of untouched nature while relaxing in upscale facilities of luxury and comfort.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on December 08, 2011 in Travel

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