Be Cool On Arizona’s Links: Hot New Segway “Golf Cart”

In Arizona, where the summers are fierce as triple strength chili sauce, there’s a new way to play golf and be cool. In fact, there are two ways and the first is more about hot wheels than climate control. Hipsters playing a round at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale now have a chance to cruise the links on a Segway Golf Transporter.

The specially designed two-wheel gizmo is equipped with extended-range batteries, enhanced traction tires and a special standby key, as well as handy holders for yardage cards, tees, golf balls and drinks. The device self-balances using a technology called dynamic stabilization, which works with gyroscopes, tilt sensors, high-speed microprocessors and powerful electric motors. Segway intuitively balances the way humans do: moving forward and backward, responding to changes in the body’s position, but there’s no promise it’ll improve your score.

For those more concerned with lowering the temperature than heightening their hip quotient, the resort also offers the Coolwell golf cart. Its AC system uses patented technology that strips moisture from the air. The unit directs cool, dry air to the back of the neck and reduces the all-around humidity inside the cart. It also cools the air by as much as 50 degrees, reducing a sweltering 115-degrees to a comfortable 65 to 70-degrees. Each cart has two units, one for each rider, and the system is “pressure activated” via the cart’s seat. No matter how bad the shot, you’ll still be cool.

Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

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  1. Maureen:
    Segways don’t just carry golf clubs and golfers… You’ll be pleased to hear that I was almost run over the other day on the Mall in Washington, DC by a group of tourists riding hide in the saddle on their Segways. They ought to have loud horns or something.
    Thanks for a great article!

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