Be a part of the glorious history of the Titanic for just $157,960


April 15, 1912 is an important date in the calendar of world history. The most gigantic and lavish passenger liner at the time, Titanic, set on her maiden voyage from England and struck a submerged iceberg and sank on this date. The Atlantic Ocean was witness to this tragic history and this lavish ship is still lying on its seabed. It was the deadliest incident in maritime history, but the glorious description of this luxurious ship still thrills the heart of people everywhere, and if anyone gets the chance to be a part of this history, can anyone ignore that opportunity?

Just one day before this accident, on 14th April 1912, a grand lunch was served to all the passengers belonging to the first class of this ship. Dr. Washington Dodge was travelling in that class with his family. At lunch, his wife, Ms. Ruth Dodge put the menu list of the day in her hand purse to keep it as a memory of this extravagant voyage. The menu list features a wide variety of preparations which include chicken, egg, beef, grilled meats, desserts and eight different types of yummy cheese.

The family survived the accident and this menu list still exists as a memory of this magnificent Titanic. This menu list is scheduled for an auction to be held in the UK on 31st March 2012 and it is to be sold at $157,960.


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