Ba Guo Bu Yi Restaurant :: Shanghai,China

If you’re ever in need of an extra kick to your life, Ba Guo Bu Yi can add it – or at least to your dinner. The large number of local Chinese present – and their foreign guests – attests to the authenticity and quality of the food.

When taking part in this fiery Sichuan experience dinners should start the meal with the “hanging white meat.? (The menu is in English, and in the case of the “hanging white meat? the picture is helpful too.) No one should leave without testing themselves and their taste buds on the mapo tofu, braised tofu with chili and brown pepper, and the gong bao ji ding, a semi-spicy Chinese dish of Chicken, peanuts and scallions, and of course peppers. Finish the meal with cool down Sichuan version of sweet corn bread.

The two-level restaurant is made to look like a traditional Chinese house built around a central courtyard. This main area becomes a space for the audience to watch the daily evening a traditional Sichuan show. With much flair, the single performer impresses waiting diners with bian lian, a traditional mask changing show where he changes his masks in fractions of a second. It doesn’t sound impressive; just wait, it is. He follows with a brief “fire breathing? act.

Always packed, it’s best to make reservations and they are only accepted before 6:45 so dinners can give their undivided attention to the performance at 7:45. If you are only interested in the food, come around 8pm after the people there for the show are finishing their dinner and you can walk right in.

Overall, Ba Guo Bu Yi is an ideal place to good Sichuan food outside the province and a great way to entertain guests looking for a little spice in their lives.

Ba Guo Bu Yi: 1018 Dingxi Lu; Near Yan’an Xilu
Phone Number: +86 21 6270 6668
Address: 1676 Hongqiao Lu (also 1018 Dingxi Lu in Changning)
Country: China
Food Style: Chinese (Sichuan)

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