Art, Music and Massage: McMenamins Grand Lodge, Oregon

Art, Music and Massage: McMenamins Grand Lodge, Oregon Tired of the same old hotel room with a television and empty walls to keep you pacified in your free time? In McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon, not one room has a television, and not one wall is free of original artwork. The lodge was built in 1922 as a Masonic and Eastern Star home. When the McMenamins Family bought and renovated the building in the late 1990s, they kept a lot of the lodge’s original flavor. Their artists used the site’s deep history as an inspiration for the portraits, still lifes, murals and text that livens every wall, door, and even every visible pipe in the

The Grand Lodge also offers a bunch of different activities to take on at your leisure. You can relax with a massage in the Body and Soul Day Spa, or play Frisbee golf on the grounds. In the Compass Room movie theater, you can see a movie almost every day. Every weekend the Lodge has live music.

The room rates vary, depending on what amenities you absolutely need to have. For example, if you absolutely have to have your own private bathroom, you can get a room starting at $95. If you don;t mind using a common bathroom down the hall with private showers, rooms start at $75. If you really want to save, you can get a bunk in a room for $45, but this includes a complimentary dip in the pool.

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