Are You Ready For a Tour to Champs??


Champs, may sound like some champion in focus, but actually it is the most famed and popularly visited street in Paris. A trip to Paris is simply incomplete without a visit to the most popular Champs. It is one of the prime destinations in the city which the tourists do not miss out at any cost. The full name of Champs is Champs-Elysées and it features a variety of attractions like cafés cinemas, theaters, and luxury shops.

This place is a proud possession of Paris and is used for the varied purposes starting right from jubilations throughout the year. This place was previously known as promenade. In fact, the new name was taken from Greek mythology where ‘Elusia’ means the place for the Heroes to relax.

This is one of the places most tourists long to visit and take back home the memories of a lifetime and experiences to be cherished for ever. For the younger generation a trip to Champs exclusively is a great experience coupled with enjoyments and great touring.

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  1. I went to Paris last year and stayed around the corner from the Champs. It truly is an amazing street – so much excitement and energy, and you feel like a star just walking down the street. We also enjoyed a wonderful meet at one of the outdoor cafes there. Though famed for its shopping, you don’t have to be ready to run wild with your credit card – it’s a great place to just window shop and soak up the liveliness that Paris embodies.

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