Are You Inspector Gadget When You Travel? The Five Best Travel Gadgets

I love gadgets and want to carry as few as possible when I travel. My laptop, cell phone , iPod and PDA are what I schlep. What do you bring along, risking hernias and precious storage space below the airline seat in front of you?

Here’s a list of the top five “comfort luxury” items to pack when you’re about to hit the road:
1) Gorillapod
Ever just not have enough hands when you want to take a photo? This handy device is a hands-free flexible mounting device to securely hold your digital camera to take a pix of yourself or anything else.

2) Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6 Multilingual Talking Electronic Translator Say you’re just passing through one country or a few and don’t have time to learn the language. This translator helps you understand and speak 10 languages, from Chinese and Thai to French and Spanish, plus it doubles as an MP3 player and more.

3) MFUEL Universal Power Bank
It seems like your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, video game player, and more are always on when you’re on the road. Now you can bring portable power with you to charge them as you need them, wherever you are.

4) HEADPLAY Personal Cinema System
With 2D and 3D stereo audio and media playing capabilities, this wicked cool looking device lets you watch movies and play games on a stunning LCD screen. It’s like having your own airline-style player wherever you go, even in your hotel room.

5) National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone
This truly global cell phone was announced in March 2007 by a big media splash. The Talk Abroad Travel Phone lets you do exactly that — to make and get calls in 100 countries, with a pre-pay contract.

[Via Pierce Mattie Public Relations.]

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