Aragawa – Have a taste of Delicious, Modern Japanese Cuisine in an Expensive Restaurant

Rice, miso, raw fish are the traditional Japanese cuisines that people think of when they discuss about the Japanese delicacies. However, a meal at Aragawa will make you aware that there are different types of Japanese foods also and they are also mouthwatering. Aragawa is become famous for its finest steaks. Situated in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo, the restaurant is Japan’s number one steak house. Like many of the Japan’s high-end restaurants it does not also has any website to market the restaurant. The décor is also not very grand. Moreover, the dark wooden wall, and big chandelier has offered it a nice homely atmosphere.

However, remember that for one meal you have to pay $370–per person. It is quite expensive! However, once you taste the platters of Wagyu beef (what we call Kobe), which is cooked with all local ingredients and served simply with mustard and pepper , make the expense worthwhile.


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