An Utter-ly Different Night’s Sleep::Sweden

I don’t know what it is with the Swedes but they seen to really get off on unique hotels. (See
previous story on Saltmine Sleep overs.)

Here’s another original Swedish overnight spot if you want to sleep with the fishies.
Conceived by local artist Mikael Genberg as a chance to have the public interact with his art, a stay at the Utter Inn, in Vasteras, Nr Stockholm, Sweden will certainly be different. You’ll arrive at this bright red little bungalow, bobbing around Lake Marlaren, when a staff member picks you by boat from the port of Vasteras (about a 90 minute drive west of Stockholm) and then drops you and your partner off for a romantic secluded getaway ( since it only sleeps two.)

Upstairs you can take in the views from your petite dining room surrounded by the outdoor terrace, after chilling your wine in the kitchenette. (You can bring your own food or the Utter Staff will happily deliver it to you.) Then climb down the ladder to find your cozy bedroom, 10 feet underwater, where you’ll be the ones inside the aquarium.

If you feel like getting off your “private island ” for a bit, an inflatable canoe is provided for exploring the area.

Check for availability.

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