An Eye Catchy Goldvish Le Million Worth Your Taste


If you have an eye for classy and bejeweled accessories then nothing else but a Goldvish Le Million can go with your persona. This phone is less of a medium of communication and more of a piece of art for the ones who can appreciate the intricacies involved in its manufacturing.

This mobile phone was manufactured as limited 100 pieces and one can own this mobile phone only if they have the style and status of paying $ 1,000,000. Sounds astounding isn’t it.

Once you see the phone with your own eyes you will know what made it so exclusive a possession. The gaudy designing on the body of this mobile adds to its class and worth.

The ‘Le million’ from Goldvish has earned the ranking as the most expensive mobile phone thanks to the Guinness Books of Records. With 120 carats dazzling ‘VVS-1 grade diamonds’ on its body ‘Le million’ is truly an ecstasy for the ones who know its class and worth.

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