An Exquisite Holiday Gift You Can Eat :: Mini Exotic Candy Bars, Vosges Haut Chocolat

I love chocolate. I love movies. I especially love eating chocolate at the movies. The Library of Mini Exotic Candy Bars from Vosges Haut Chocolat is a special treat to eat in a movie theatre because the darkened environment enhances the flavors.

Vosges, an artisan chocolatier, has a motto: see…smell…snap…taste…feel. Each of these minimally packaged bars contain guided tasting notes to enhance their enjoyment. Each of the .50 oz. mini bar flavors are as exotic as they are enticing: Red Fire, Black Pearl, Gianduja, Naga, Creole, Barcelona, Oaxaca, Woolloomooloo & Macha.

$24.00 for the nine mini-bar set and worth every penny.

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