An Expensive Way To Hate Yourself After Valentine’s Day: Etsy Jewelry

Because I buy almost all my presents on Etsy (for pennies on the dollar what they would cost retail) and now everyone will know. But it has to be good karma to promote this independent artist’s Website.

Everything is handmade and varies from some of the most incredible designer jewelry to some really pitiful little flowered scrungies. The fun part is that you can shop by price, artist, subject, color, orgeographical location, plus each craftsperson can post their own “My Space” type pic and bio, which promotes a warm “Our Town” getting-to-know-you feel to the shopping experience.

You can buy a one-of-a-kind bracelet made from a melange of precious stones for a mere $10,000 made by “Gypsy Love.”

Or if you haven’t got your tax refund back yet, or if you are trying to ditch the boyfriend then buy yourself an: I Won’t Anti-Valentine Pendant (pictured above).

Or if you would like to teach you child about the true spirit of giving then have them buy one of these ” Pay it Forward” items (which are free except for nominal shipping) as long as they do a good deed. U gotta love that!


Posted by Janice Nieder on February 16, 2007 in Shopping

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  1. bayeyass
    bayeyass says:

    Etsy is a great place to get cute things handmade and cheap. I think they are underpricing their items. one of my favorite etsy store is

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