Airline Pop Quiz

Which American Airline:

– Was most on-time 27 consecutive months running?
– Had the fewest cancellations in 2005?
– Had the best baggage handling in 2005?
– Had America’s third fewest oversales in 2005?
– Serves free, hot food in coach on all trans-pacific flights?
– Gives you the whole can of soda?

– Has over 76 years of continuous operation without a fatal accident in their entire history?
– Has some of the highest paid employees in the industry?
– Has at least one more flight attendant per flight than their competitors?
– Has an average fleet age of 5 years?
– Has some of the lowest fares in the market?
– Was one of only three airlines in the nation to make a profit last year?

The answer is here.

[via Seth Godin]
Performance statistics as measured by the department of transportation (DOT).

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