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pet-plane2A new pets-only airline will fly pets (and pets only) to and from Denver, New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Unlike airlines that require pets to be transported in cages in the cargo-hold of aircraft, Pet Airways’ “pawsengers” will travel safely and comfortably in the pressurized main cabin.

Flying as cargo “is frightening to the pets and can cause severe emotional and physical harm, even death,” Dan Wiesel, president and CEO of Pet Airways said in a statement earlier this month. “This is not what most pet owners want to subject their pets to.”

Pet Airways ( will start flying animals in mid-July, but is already taking reservations at introductory prices of $149 each way, regardless of the distance.

The travel process starts when owners drop their pets off at the airline’s Pet Lounge between two and 72 hours before the flight (boarding facilities are offered for those earlier drop-offs). Pets are given a potty break before taking the company’s Pet Limo to the plane and boarding the flight. Once aboard, pet attendants make sure each animal’s carrier is secure and that the pet is comfortable.

The pawsengers are never left alone. Pet attendants will monitor the animals individually every 15 minutes during the flight and, once landed, handle the potty breaks. Owners, who must make their own airline and travel arrangements, will pick their pets up at the company’s airport Pet Lounge.

Each time traveling pets move anywhere, from the lounge to the limo or plane, they’re tracked and the progress recorded. Owners can monitor every step of the pet’s journey online.

The Florida-based airline reportedly still has a few final steps to take with the FAA. Information about Pet Airways can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

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