Aegean Sea kisses the feet of Elounda Beach Hotel

elounda-beach-hotelThe idyllic location of north eastern region of Crete cuddles the Elounda Beach Hotel in Helios where luxury and comfort are blended with sensual and cultural pleasures to create the perfect impact of traditional elegancy in the hotel atmosphere and the guests can feel the indigenous sensation even when they are busy with their business or are relaxing in the private silvery beach. The soothing breeze of the surrounding Aegean Sea refreshes the atmosphere and creates a tranquil environment where the guests can enjoy their intimacy to its maximum. The exotic green vegetation throughout the 40 acre terrace of the hotel enhances the natural beauty of the hotel and guests also enjoy the peerless view of the endless azure sea through the lush greenery. The interior decoration of the hotel havens and the common public areas of the hotel are decorated in modern style emphasizing on the perfection of every single thing here.


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