A Tour to Maldives: Enjoy a Refreshing Tour to Maldives with One&Only Resorts


The One&Only Resorts in Maldives located at Reethi Rah is an absolute wonderful experience for those travelers who seek to spend some quality time with family or with themselves. This place is an equally great package for the newly weds as the honeymooning couples get the grand opportunity to soak it out at any of the 12 beaches featured by this island resort spreading to almost 109 acres.

These pristine, white sand beaches with 130 lonesome villas is an awesome blend of enjoyment, relaxation and privacy. These villas are especially located at different points like some are located on the beach while few others are to be found over water and few of the exclusive beaches come with private pools. However, all these villas have a villa host to attend to the guests. What else can one ask for…

The room rates on a per night basis are comparatively affordable at $930 within the holiday seasons. But to have a constant 5 day blast you can just cash out $1 million and you are entitled to wine, tennis, board, Champagne, diving and additionally one spa treatment not only for you but also for your loved ones.

Via: maldiveisle.com

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