A Toast to a Great Dining with Torres Viña Esmerelda 2008


Dining without the most exclusive quality of white wines is simply not the trend for the rich and the famous. The current product in the line of the most exclusive white wine brands is Torres Viña Esmerelda 2008. Made from the magically aromatic mountainous white grapes of Upper Penedès this is one of the most smooth and delectable wines.

Esmerelda features the lip smacking taste of raisins and dry figs and the fruity aroma of the wine is simply heavenly. For the true connoisseurs of taste and quality a bottle of Esmerelda 2008 is, a must, and it sounds like a real hearty deal as one bottle is priced at $17.99 and for one whole cart you can surely pay $215.88. The addition of Traminer fruit in the wine is a refreshing note and after fermentation, for more than a week in controlled temperature within stainless steel tanks, the crunchy taste of the wine is a great treat.

The other flavors adding to its taste are tinges of custard apples, sweet spices, ripe pears, and vanillin sugar. If you are in a mood to dine out the Spanish way then Esmerelda 2008 is the signature wine for you.

Via: Winelistaustralia

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